A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The advent of Aliens of innominate origin causes pandemonium on Earth.

The Human Race is wiped out by the aliens with the help of their Advanced Robots.

Hubert Lysias is the Chosen One to save the Earth.

Who is Hubert Lysias?

Find Out in the game and help Hubert Lysias to defeat the aliens and save the Earth.

Update v1.0.2

  • Tougher Game-play
  • Decreased Health
  • Decreased Ammo and Health Boxes

Update v1.0.3

  • Better Enemy AI
  • Added VFX and SFX
  • Balanced Gameplay

Update v2.0.0

Stage02 is out. Fight New and Tougher enemies.

Any Issues or any suggestions, feel free to comment!!

Install instructions

The downloadable file is a rar file. To open it WinRar or WinZip or similar software are needed. WinRar is usually included in windows by default.

1.Open the rar file

2.Extract the contents to a desired location.

3.Open the exe file.(app bundle for Mac & x86 file for Linux)

Enjoy the Game!!

P.S: The file The Infinite Spirit Of Carte Blanche_Demo.exe(x86 file for Linux) and the folder The Infinite Spirit Of Carte Blanche_Demo_Data must be on the same location.


The Infinite Spirit Of Carte Blanche_Demo.rar 40 MB
The Infinite Spirit Of Carte Blanche_Demo.app.rar 21 MB
The Infinite Spirit Of Carte Blanche_Demo_linux.rar 21 MB


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